The Order of St. Michael and Mary


                                                                Abbess Rathel Gincig


The Order of St. Michael and Mary seeks to pray under the protection of St. Michael the Archangel in the call to warfare in the spirit, in union with the intercession of Mary, Mother of God, for the glory of God through His son, Jesus Christ

Our rule of life is to follow the Lord into the call of prayer.

The Order of St. Michael and Mary is a home for those seeking a sanctuary for the expression of prayer that the Holy Spirit has expressed and formed in their lives.

It is a garden of prayer for the growth and cultivation of the ministry of prayer in the midst of the church.

It is a wellspring of prayer to water the thirst of the church for God.

It is a bulwark to empower and protect the Church that shelters us, through intercession in the spirit: most specifically, The American Old Catholic Church, the churches of the Diocese of Christ the King, the Ecumenical Communion of Catholic and Apostolic Churches, and the Church universal.

The Order is a fellowship of vowed persons seeking to express the gospel imperatives of mutual love, service and sacrifice in commitment to one another, each understanding the special call to prayer the Spirit of God has birthed in our lives.

The order of our life is:

  1. at least weekly Eucharist
  2. weekly common prayer
  3. daily private devotional prayer
  4. days of retreat together
  5. spiritual direction
  6. corporal service to our church community

A commitment to availing ourselves to the growth of the calling in our lives

  1. in worship
  2. in contemplation
  3. in the charismata
  4. in liturgy
  5. in warfare in the spirit
  6. in corporate intercession
  7. as living intercessions

A commitment to healing and watering the church with prayer

  1. in open prayer gatherings
  2. in small prayer ministry teams for concentrated healing prayer
  3. in open prayer retreats and seminars
  4. in weekly prayer ministry following communion in the liturgy

The Order welcomes married and single persons, laity and clergy, men and women.

  1. We seek to cultivate the intensity of the calling of prayer into the lives we live in this world, hopefully transforming our daily world by the primacy of our service to God in our lives.
  2. We wear the insignia of the medallion of St. Michael to designate our belonging to the order.
  3. The Order is governed simply by obedience to the Bishop, the direction of a superior, mutual submission to one another in love, and requires a period of postulancy and the novitiate before final profession.
  4. The vows that have co-joined us together with Our Lord under this rule can be obtained from the Diocese of Christ  the King, Aurora, CO. of the American Old Catholic Church.